The Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5k 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

The school where I teach has started a new healthy living initiative called The Impact program.  This is our first year implementing the program, and our first event was a 5k in Huntsville.  I signed up to run this so that I could show my students how much fun running could be!

I haven't run seriously since June.  I didn't run outside at all the month of July for vanity reasons ha!  I did not want racerback tan lines for my wedding!!  And I absolutely hate the treadmill so my running really slacked off.  Then immediately after the wedding came school.  I was trying to figure out how to meal plan, grocery shop, start a new school year, and enjoy time with my new husband all at the same time.  So obviously my running was pretty nonexistent in August, too.  Then came this 5k opportunity.  I knew the weather would be perfect in mid-October so I signed up knowing I would have plenty of time to get my body re-acclamated to speed and distance.  Umm, this did not go as planned.  The areas around our home are constant inclines with some hills.  There are no flat surfaces, so I've had a hard time getting my out-of-shape-running body re-adjusted.  

The weather for Saturday's race was absolutely perfect!  I rode the bus from school with the students so I had to be at school at 6:00 A.M.  It was about 45 degrees!  I brought a blanket and layered up for the bus ride because it was projected to be about 60 degrees once the race started, and I was wearing a tank and shorts to run in.  

Bethany and I after the race!  We are representing the 7th grade!

I didn't PR this was surprisingly my 3rd fastest time, but that credit goes to a running buddy who I spent the last half of the race trying to keep up with.  I got a stitch in my right side at around mile 1.8.  I slowed down a bit and tried running with my right arm up while leaning the the left and breathing in through my nose.  (Just trying to do all of that slowed me down!)  Then at around mile 2.4 I came upon what I like to call a mountain.  It literally was a HUGE hill!!  I eventually walked about 10-15 seconds up that just to catch my breath.  I think I was trying to run up it too fast.  Anyway, I came in at 29:07 which put me at 659th place haha!!  At least that was out of over 6600 runners.  I placed 28th in my age group.  I never claimed to be fast!  This race has definitely motivated my running again because just trying to get my body ready for a decent time caused me to lose the little bit of weight I had gained after the wedding.  No more weight gain and more races!!

A full group shot of all students, teachers, and parents who participated in the race!  We had a great time!

Lessons in Marriage

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coming up next Saturday, Dustin and I will have been married for THREE WHOLE MONTHS!!  That sounds so crazy to think about when just a little over a year ago, we were still long distance.  God really has a funny way of reminding us that His plan and His timing are always perfect.  

I really thought in high school that I had my life planned out perfectly.  I knew I would meet a boy in college, date, get engaged my junior-senior year, and get married the weekend after graduation.  Then we would have about 3-4 years before we started having kids.  Did my life turn out exactly how I planned?  Absolutely not!  And when I actually reflect back on my life and how it could have gone, I see that God's way is always better.  Just tonight as Dustin and I were doing dishes after dinner (how lucky am I to have a husband who does the dishes after dinner??), he made a comment about how he wished we had met a long time ago.  I know that sounds ideal because we could have spent more time together, but I know our lives would not be where they are today.  We would not be the people we are today.  What would our relationships with God look like?  Would we still be actively seeking Him?  Would we be serving in our church?  These are times when you rejoice in God's sovereignty over all things!

Okay, so now to my title.  In the 81 days that I've been Mrs. Shaneyfelt, I have learned SOOOO MUCH, and I thought I might enlighten you to these lessons :)

1. I need grace more than I ever knew.  Wow.  Can I say that after we returned home from the honeymoon and we started establishing routines and things like how the towels are folded and put away a certain way (OCD a little??), I quickly saw my need for grace.  And because I saw my need for grace in my marriage, it really stood out to me how much God's grace really means.  I may mess up about 1798464284957 times a day, and He still gives grace freely.  What a humbling lesson to learn and continue to learn day after day.

2. Things can't always go my way.  Because I am a teacher, I am used to being in control 8 hours a day.  I know how important classroom management is for a productive and efficient learning environment, so I always command control of my classes.  How many times have I come home and treated Dustin like a student?  Put your boots there.  Wipe up that counter.  Wash that dish you just used.  I've learned to definitely let go on some things, and I know Dustin has really tried his best in keeping things clean since he knows how much better cleanliness makes me feel!  Yes, I'm still a work in progress, but the Holy Spirit is definitely working in me to release some control so that I glorify Him in all things.

3. I really did marry the best guy out there!  Sorry, ladies, but the best guy has already been taken!  I married someone WAY more forgiving than I am.  Forgiveness is something I constantly struggle with and I happened to marry a guy who gives out forgiveness like Halloween candy.  (Like that simile? ha!)  I am constantly grateful that God placed us together.  We really do make an awesome team!  
How lucky can I get?

By the way, I'll be doing a few wedding recaps so I can try to capture all of my memories from the day.  More wedding pictures to come!  (And then I'll be done posting wedding photos!)

Five on Friday

Friday, October 10, 2014

1. When will this weather start to feel like fall?  I am so ready to start consistently wearing clothes like this!!

2. Last weekend, I did LOTS of wedding stuff since both my sister and BFF are getting married one week apart.  This weekend I am RESTING! :)
3. Monday and Tuesday are FALL BREAK!  Can I get an amen???  My goals are to visit the new super Belk store that just opened nearby, run, clean the house, read, and get ready for the Women's Ministry meeting at church Tuesday night.  Oh, and possibly sleep in and watch some reality tv :)
**Tuesday night was the Tiger Show Off for our school.  Like a talent show, but instead everyone just shows off their talent.  There are so many talented kids at my school and so many that I taught that I had no idea that they were so talented!!  Some acts brought tears to my eyes because they were so precious!

4. My cousin just made this super cute door hanger for our front door!  I wish I were creative!  But it's nice to have a crafty person in your family!

5. And because I'm so obsessed with all of my wedding photos, here's one of my girls and I!  I have the most beautiful friends and family!

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