A Night to Remember: The Butterfly Ball

Monday, November 20, 2017

Saturday night Dustin and I had the opportunity to attend the Butterfly Ball.  This ball was a fundraiser for the Prayers for Kayleigh (PFK) Foundation in my hometown.  I don't know if you remember from last year, but I mentioned a little 7 year old girl in my hometown who was diagnosed with DIPG, a 100% terminal brain tumor, who died last November after a 6 month battle.  Saturday night raised money for the research on DIPG done at St. Jude's in Memphis.

We had a fabulous time getting dressed up and enjoying a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing!

 (excuse the bad lighting!)

 I was excited to get to break out my faux fur coat!  I found this one that's similar to mine, but mine is a few years old.

 I didn't take any pictures at all because I was having so much fun, but I did think to snap this really quick of part of the venue.  Purple was Kayleigh's favorite color, so purple was everywhere.  Beautiful fabric was draped all over everything, and there were chandeliers everywhere.  They had a cocktail hour with really good hors d'oeuvres and both a silent auction and a live auction.  We listened to a lecture from Kayleigh's oncologist at St. Jude's and then the dancing started!

 Some of my tablemates (aka coworkers)

 I had to battle severe wind walking into the venue so it straightened out one of my curls.  We literally drove through a severe thunderstorm that knocked out half the power in my town on our way to the ball.

 The lady in front of me is Kayleigh's grandmother and she is a sweet coworker of mine

Did anyone else attend a ball this weekend? 😜😜

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Christmas Gift Guide for Ladies Under $30!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here at the Shaneyfelt household!  I took down all of our fall decor Monday night and then last night started slowly pulling down Christmas decor.  I have a feeling it'll take me all week to decorate.

I'm also excited to share my first Christmas post of the season!

I love looking at gift guides because not only do I get great ideas on gifts for friends and family, but I also get ideas on gifts for myself!  Today I'm sharing a gift guide for gifts under $30!  These could be great stocking stuffers, gifts for your family members, or great gifts for girls in your Bible study!

Smashbox lipstick set - Buying new lipstick always makes me feel like I'm changing my look without spending a ton of money.  Smashbox is a great brand of lipstick, too.  I love that this gift set is a sample of lots of different colors, but without spending lots of money because remember--it's under $30!!

Skinnytaste cookbook - This is the perfect gift for the woman who is ready to change her eating habits after the New Year and eat healthy!  Skinnytaste started off as a blog of recipes but has evolved into multiple cookbooks.  Of all the recipes I've tried from Skinnytaste, they have all tasted really good!  This cookbook is also perfect because it's for quick meals.

tassel keychain - I always like having a keychain on my keys but the one I have currently is yuck!  Lately, I've been eyeing tassel keychains but haven't come across any in stores.  This would be a cute stocking stuffer or even gift to a teacher or friend.  It comes in a few different colors.

tunic top - I wore my black top yesterday and even posted it on IG!  This top would be a great gift for your mom or MIL because it is perfect for any age.  I love how long it is because I can wear it with leggings and it still be appropriate.

Sephora face mask set - My friend Hailey got me a face mask sampler set from Sephora from my birthday and it's been the best gift ever!  I'm getting to sample 8 different face masks to see which one works best for my face before I spend a larger chunk of money on a full size one.  No one usually buys these gifts for ourselves, but we all need to be pampered every once in a while..right?!

iPhone case - I love the classic look of this marbled phone case--this is definitely my next phone case when I upgrade my phone!

Eats cookbook - I LOVE this cookbook!  Shay's stories before each recipe are fun to read, and I love how she's divided these recipes out by month.  This is a gift I plan on giving this Christmas, and I know any woman I give this to will love it!

coffee travel mug - I currently carry my coffee in a smaller Yeti, but I want something cuter.  This is a Kate Spade mug and I love all of her cute little sayings.  Not sure if the woman you're buying for drinks coffee?  This would be perfect for cold drinks, too!

infinity scarf - Hurry and buy these while they are still 40% off!!  That makes them under $9 a scarf and you cannot beat that!  I have 3 of these scarves and they are my favorites to wear.  Need easy gifts this year?  This is it!  They are currently backordered, but will be in before Christmas.

What are some of your favorites gifts to buy for the ladies in your life?

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A Weekend Spent in Enemy Territory

Monday, November 13, 2017

When you read the title of today's blog post, you were probably confused--enemy territory..what?

Enemy territory = Auburn.

Yep.  This Alabama grad and Alabama fan spent the AU/GA game weekend in Auburn and it was a madhouse.  My best friend and her husband recently relocated to Auburn due to a new job, so I ventured down Friday morning to visit!  

Even though Dustin (who is a huge AL fan) went to Auburn, I never knew him in college so my only visit to Auburn was once in high school to watch a football game with a friend and her family.  Auburn is a quaint little town--and Opelika is the cutest--but it's not Tuscaloosa, and Tuscaloosa will always be my favorite!

 We ate lunch at Hamilton's after driving around 30 minutes searching for a parking space.  I mentioned to Janie that it was too bad we weren't in college and knew all the good places to park where no one else did aka a back alley way.  We used to have some pretty reliable parking places in downtown Tuscaloosa in case we couldn't find an actual parking space.

Hamilton's was really good!  I had blackened Mahi fish tacos and Janie had a toasted chicken salad sandwich and lobster bisque.

 This picture was taken a little before midnight, and I'm happy to note that we weren't the oldest people out. We look tired because we didn't nap before going out that night--anyone else used to do that?

 The next morning was a lazy morning of drinking coffee and watching College Gameday

Each year Janie and I get together either in November or December to make a holiday themed treat.  This year we decided to try making iced sugar cookies that were pieces of pumpkin pie.  I will say, they tasted AMAZING and turned out looking pretty good.  Next time we'll use actual piping bags instead of ziplocs with the tips cut off ha!  #improvising

Not bad for being iced with ziploc baggies!
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